How one little word changes everything …

For 33 years, Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) has been quietly helping homeless young people change their lives. Too quietly. So when we found out what they were achieving in our own back yard, we had to turn the volume way up. Starting with their name. They’re so much more than a network. They give these kids everything — safety, stability, confidence, hope — with one consistent result: Youth Emerging Stronger. And forever transformed. (Yeah: us, too.)

To provide runaway, homeless and foster youth with the safety, stability and housing, relationships and resources to thrive now and in the future.


Resilient, self-assured and hopeful youth taking ownership of their lives. 

Every youth deserves:
• A place where they can feel at home
• An emotionally safe environment
• Being treated with trust and respect
• An opportunity to rebuild and re-envision their lives
• A community that supports them
• Hope

Core Proposition
provides these youth in crisis with complete care that includes an emotionally and physically safe place to live; comprehensive mental health services; educational opportunities and career development; and ongoing support, counseling and goal planning when they are no longer in residence.


Scope of Work

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  • Brand strategy

  • Naming

  • Identity

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