USC Marshall School of Business: 

Getting to yes.

Everyone knows USC for their athletics, but with their Marshall School of Business steadily climbing the rankings, they suddenly found themselves competing for the cream of the academic crop — students who could go anywhere: Harvard. Berkeley. Stanford. Being relatively new to these particular big leagues, USC Marshall asked ZEESMAN to help them tell their own story in a way that would resonate with this new audience.

So we did some digging. And what we uncovered changed the conversation. From tradition to innovation, corporate ladders to start-up incubators, Wall Street to Silicon Beach. We helped them realize who they really are, and who their people are: mavericks, adventurers, entrepreneurs. Leaders. The story was always there. Only now they owned it. Marshall jumped from #13 to #9 in the national rankings. And discovered that, when you go your own way, people follow.

Scope of Work

  • Research

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Online survey

  • Competitor analysis

  • Messaging platforms

  • Campaign themes and strategy

  • Marketing website design

  • Brochures

  • High-impact direct mail

  • Social media direct advertising campaign

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Videos

  • Photo shoots

  • 3D animated videos

  • Text messaging campaigns

  • Campaign analytics

  • Salesforce integration

Additional Case Studies