Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council (SCMSDC)

Changing times, changing minds, changing ways.

At this point, every U.S.-based company understands the importance of diversity, especially in the supply chain. And that’s largely thanks to the work of SCMSDC and its parent organization, NMSDC. But that success brought competition, and SCMSDC soon found itself fighting for the audience it once had all to itself. With the reorganization/consolidation of the regional chapters in 2017, that audience expanded. But so did the responsibilities. As competition and focus on the organization intensified, it was time to get serious.

Our focus with SCMSDC has been on developing an agile brand platform that allows for consistently new ways to connect and engage. One that supports not only the growth of the organization, but the ongoing evolution of the way we think about and promote diversity.

Scope of Work

  • Qualitative research

  • Brand strategy

  • Messaging

  • Product/Program naming

  • Branding platform

  • Logos

  • Postcards and referral cards

  • Social media posts

  • Event scripting

  • Surveys

  • Podcast production

  • Recruitment campaign

  • Sponsorship materials

  • Signature event invitations

  • Email campaigns

  • Landing pages

  • Branded classroom materials

  • Event programs

  • Keynote presentations

  • Flyers

Additional Case Studies